James Charles Instant Influencer Reality Show Challenge? How To Fake Apologize To Your Followers

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A Generation Z Phenomena Teaches Wannabe Influencers How To Fake Apologize

James Charles started his career when he was invited to appear on The Ellen Show to discuss his makeup and well planned senior photograph. He instantly gained millions of followers on social media and now is a millionaire because of his extremely successful makeup line among other endeavors. Since his appearance and fame, Charles has been pulled into some controversy here and there: He’s been accused of manipulating straight men for sex, blurbs of racism throughout his limelight, and being an all-around rude person. Regardless, he’s still riding a wave that has him above and beyond any other young, gay influencer and it doesn’t appear his bulb is dimming anytime soon. 


We all know YouTubers can be aggravating, but this next video may serve as the wake-up call to anyone believing any YouTuber is genuine or not self-serving.  According to The Verge, Charles is teaching aspiring YouTubers how to fake a sincere apology so your followers and the Internet can’t “cancel” you. Yes, it’s as slimy as it sounds. To make matters worse (?) or better (?), it’s a part of his YouTube Premium reality competition series to see who will be the next big influencer. It’s officially happened: Tacky reality shows formats have made their way into the digital world.  But, it’s also official right from Charles’ lips –  YouTube “apologies” are complete fake and only done to maintain one’s image. Charles has a long resumé of apologizing for past behavior, so his “challenge” of fake apologizing is pretty stomach turning when you think about what he’s been called out for in the past and what he has explained away. Were his apologies of racism, hatefulness towards others, and manipulating straight men to receive fame in an exchange of sex all for show? Or was he actually sorry?  Looks like he’s telling us to never believe a YouTuber’s apology?

But, on the flip side, this is kind of the only content some of us may want to see – raw, unfiltered, honest content of these people openly letting us know they are fake, you’re getting played, and I’m making millions of dollars off of fooling you. We’ve got to hand it to him – plenty bought his perhaps fake apologies in the past. Will this be the beginning of the end to the masses forgiving him or will his loyal fan base not move?  And if we cannot believe his apologies, why would we choose to believe anything else they may put forth as truth?  Did Charles just cancel himself?

Check out the really odd, maybe career ending video of Charles teaching others to fake an apology below:


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