James Corden Gets Into Matching Up Gays On Late Late Live Tinder

YouTube Screen Shot from ‘L-G-B-T’ – James Corden Sings for Transgender Troops

When you’re stuck at work, single, and reading horrid news online, you need something to get you away to a better life.  Enter James Corden.  

Well, no, we were not entering James Corden for a better life, but watching a clip from his late night tv show, The Late Late Show with James Corden, what a great name for his show!


Anyway!  Single, depressed, need cheering up. Back to that. 

I always enjoy watching James Corden when I get the chance.  Most of us have been introduced to him via Carpool Karaoke. But he has many other skits he has repeated with different entertainers.  

One of those repeated skits is Late Late Live Tinder.  Besides being something that would be kind of fun to play in person (as long as you don’t see the swipe left victims after), Corden doesn’t mind going a little gay on occasion.  And good lordt, he seems to have more fun during the Live Gay Tinder dating segments than the straight ones. 

His latest foray into gay Tinder was just this past week when …


James Corden surprises a member of his staff with an opportunity to find love on Stage 56. Will Zeb, a segment producer since the show’s inception, find his match? James introduces a series of men that Zeb must swipe right or left on, and eventually choose one bachelor for an immediate dinner date. Is love in the air?! 

Have a watch.  Which guy would you have swiped left and kept?



Ahhh, there’s hope for dating again! 

Do you use Tinder?  Any success?

James Corden and his little game show skit brought me so much joy that I had to look up a couple more Gay versions of Late Late Live Tinder.  Here are two more below. One of the bachelors from the January episode is actually a contestant from the other skit. James was all drooly over Trevor as a contestant, he gave him the (swipe) finger the next go around in February.


Late Late Live Tinder w/ Collin Martin (professional soccer player) – January 2019


Late Late Live Tinder w/ Fan-Favorite Trevor – February 2019


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