James Marsden to Star in an Upcoming Courtroom Comedy Series

James Marsden will be starring in an upcoming comedy series, which is said to mirror Sacha Baron Cohen’s approach to the film series ‘Borat.’

The 48-year-old actor is confirmed to be the lead actor in the reportedly “semi-improvised” comedy show. Not much details have been released about the Freevee series, but a representative of the free, ad-supported platform told Deadline:

“Freevee has confirmed the existence of the docu-style comedy series, but details are under wraps amid speculation of the unique, genre-bending format centered around a jury trial.”


As per Deadline,

“In the case of the Freevee series, we hear Marsden and a group of largely up-and-coming actors with improv background performed alongside civilians in the comedy about being summoned for jury duty. We hear the show was filmed in a real courtroom south of Los Angeles, with regular and addition shooting partially scheduled around Marsden’s Westworld schedule.”

Marsden has been keeping busy with his ‘Westworld’ series, as well as starring in the 2022 film ‘Disenchanted,’ which is the much-awaited sequel of the 2007 Disney movie ‘Enchanted.’ And now, he’s also the lead actor in the upcoming courtroom comedy series.

Moreover, the actor is also on top of his Instagram game, so let’s take a moment to appreciate some of his stunning photos, shall we?



Here’s a little trip down memory lane…

Another throwback moment from 1996:


And then we have a shirtless one dating back to 1993:



Ain’t that a nice little treat?

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