Jamie Dornan’s Fake Bulge Causes Real Cravings

We've all taken a turn gazing at Jamie Dornan. I mean, look at him.  His name has been on the lips of housewives and horny men most recently because of his role in the Fifty Shades of Grey movies, which I have not completely seen as of yet.  Why would I need to when I get to see the clips of Mr Dornan's butt, abs, and everything else on Instinct for free. 

I adored the man and his presence, but that all started when he played the sherriff/huntsman on ABC's Once Upon A Time (OUAT).  He wa sans shirt once in a while there but it was the face that drew me in.


Now the thirsty/hungry Internet is frothing over his most recent picture.  

Let's tee up the story.

Discover what Northern Ireland has to offer. The Twitter page @DiscoverNI has a very vibrant place on the web to help seek out tourists to come to their fine corner of the world. What is ironic is that their cover photo uses the phrase "THE UNMISSABLE" to promote the upcoming Dubai Duty Free Irish Open.  Someone should have looked a little closer to the tweet sent out on July 5th for there was something truly unmissable.

To try and draw people to Northern Ireland and the golf tournament, why not get one of the hottest actors out there to pose at a picturesque countryside spot.  Like this…



Oh My! Who's looking at the view with that staring back at you.

As MensHealth.com states:

The photo was supposed to be an innocent shot of the Irish actor enjoying the Dubai Duty Free Irish Open Pro-Am, which he was participating in. While the shot was apparently intended to be focused on the breath-taking view of coastal Ireland, Twitter users were quick to point out that the, ahem, foreground was a bit distracting.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know. It's a golf ball.  False alarm, click bait, or wow, someone needs a raise over at @DiscoverNI for truly getting the inspiring shot.

But it made us think, didn't it? Maybe a little drool?

We wonder, Jamie, the real one(s) have dimples, too?

As I said, I enjoyed Jamie in OUAT more than the shots from Grey.

I like it when a man leaves a little to the imagination, unless I'm at Stock Bar in Montreal, then forget about it.


What do you think?