Jamie Lee Curtis, Lindsay Lohan and the Potential Freaky Friday 2 Hint

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Pictures and Buena Vista Pictures

I’m tired of rumors starting. I’m sick of being followed. 

Did Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan give us a hint of things to come if the Freaky Friday sequel ever sees the light of day? The internet sure seems to think so!


Freaky Friday was released in 2003 and stars Curtis, Lohan, Chad Michael Murray and Mark Harmon. It was a huge box office success at the time and has since developed a strong cult following… So much so that 20 years later, fans are still asking for a continuation. 

Before we get more into that story, let’s take a look at the photo that sent Disney stans scrambling. 


It’s the “hopefully we can switch places again in the near future” that caught the eye of eager stans. I say stans because anyone who follows either actress on a monthly basis knows they’ve reminded close friends since completing the movie two decades ago. 

…But could they have gotten together in person to talk about this mysterious project? 

Rumors have swirled around a potential Freaky Friday sequel since October 2022, when Jamie Lee Curtis went on The View to say that she and Lohan were interested in another installment. Disney then confirmed that talks were in beginning stages and a draft script had been submitted in May 2023. However, due to the WGA strike and Lohan giving birth to her son in July, further development has stalled. 


Now that Hollywood is getting back to work and Lohan’s son is nearing four months old, it could be the year of Freaky Friday that we’ve all pined for. 

Really, there’s still a lot that can be done with this narrative. Lohan is now old enough to have children in a potential movie, so it’s possible we could see a grandmother – mother – grandchild switch. Technology and culture have developed significantly in 20 years, and this could also play into a revival movie. 

And if Tyra Banks can get a Life Size 2, damnit, we deserve a Freaky Friday 2!

Are you excited for a potential on-screen reunion between Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan? Comment and let me know your thoughts. Pitch ideas, feel the nostalgia – and rage that Lohan never released Xanax as an official single. 

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