Janelle Monae Gives Us a Powerful New Grove That Needs to be Seen and Heard.


There are several strong creative women that we as a gay community raise up higher than others and call them gay icons. I don't want to … okay, fine … Britney, Cher, Diana, Donna, Stevie Nicks (too soon?) and so on.  Yes, I know I didn't name them all … Kylie, Madonna, and … well I am sure I will hear from you about others. Me personally, I wouldn't put in Rihanna or Beyonce or Nicki in that field even though one out of the three I find truly amazingly talented. Talks amongst yahselves on that one.

But one fine lady that I think has the power to become a true gay icon is Janelle Monae.  From day one when I saw her on a SONOS commercial, I was like whoa!

And now she has released her new song 'Make Me Feel' which many critics are calling a celebration of Bisexuality And Black Women’s Empowerment.

As I watched the video, it was clear the creative minds had fun with this one!  Jumping from decade to decade while bringing us into the smooth groove of the catch tune, it was like putting on those hot sexy leather pants that were so much the rage in the late '90s – they fit like a glove and grabbed you in all the right spots.

Janelle seems to be playing for the L-team at the beginning of the video.  Subtle nods to Grace Jones, David Bowie, and Prince making us feel all the '70s, '80s, and '90s queer.  Just as soon as we are all comfy in the lesbian groove, Janelle throws some man into the mix and it's clear, we're in the bisexual groove and we are so fine with that.  More fun for us all!  The not so subtle rainbow tights, the beginning beat that makes me think of Caswell's "Ice Cream Truck," the costuming bring us back to Ida Corr vs Fedde Le Grand Let Me Think About It and a little Robert Palmer and his glam girls, all of it made me eat this video up!

Let's see what you think.



It's way too soon to put Janelle into the singularly named female gay icons club just now.  And we can't just put her in there. She will need to earn it and it will most likely happen without us knowing immediately. But for now, she's getting my side eye, in a good way.  Keep it up Janelle.  I'm watching you … and loving you.

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