Janey Jacké On Her ‘Drag Race Holland’ Run, Shade, & Sisterhood

Janey Jacké is an international sensation, traveling everywhere from Mykonos to Miami. While she may have known some of her Drag Race Holland sisters previously, this European stunner was all business when it came to competition. As she rose to the Top Four, Jacké dominated challenges like the Rusical, becoming the first Runner-Up in Drag Race Holland history! I caught up with Janey to chat about her Drag Race Holland experience, dishing on her amazing experiences in Miami, and why shade is definitely not, always a bad thing. 


MC: You made it to the final four of the inaugural season of Drag Race Holland. You must be over the moon! 

Janey Jacké: I am exactly as you say it, over the moon! I am happy, proud and I have grown as a person and as an entertainer. I am proud of all of the girls and of the season, it just feels so rewarding. 

MC: How was your entire Drag Race experience, especially making it to the final four? 

JJ: It feels really great. It is very surreal, you have a dream for so long and then you finally make it happen. I tried to live in the moment and enjoy during the season and not get in my head. I was hungry AF during the season and you could tell that when I walked into the workroom. All together, I could only describe it as such growth. You really go into the depths of your creativity as a performer, and the sisterhood becomes that much stronger. You learn, you laugh, it is really just amazing. 


MC: Where do you think some of your influences come from? While you did know some of you Drag Race Holland sisters prior to filming, it definitely seems like you have some American drag inspirations as well. 

JJ: I have always been very inspired by the American drag, & their level of makeup, costumes and what they do. So I am always inspired by the U.S. Drag Race franchise and the girls there. Also because I am European, those influences comes back into it. I am also very inspired by pop stars and how they create that brand around it and also what they do on stage. I was also raised by a drag mother who really taught me where drag came from, and how it started and all of the influences throughout the year, not just what happened since Drag Race started. I always try to be respectful of where it came from and make sort of an ode to that, and always showcase everything that drag has to offer. 


MC: You have performed everywhere from the United States to Holland to Mykonos, Greece. If you had to choose a favorite spot that you have gotten to perform all over the world, where would it be? 

JJ: Well every spot is different, lets say that first. Every spot is different, they have a different vibe in how they look at drag. Mykonos is a party island where everyone goes on holiday, and people are just living for the party. Miami was such an amazing experience and the love for drag there is incredible. How hard those girls work for the dollars there is so inspiring! Also, doing the small stages in the community have taught me so much throughout the years. How to respond to an audience that is smaller and right in front of your face. All together, I have to say Mykonos and Miami are my two favorite spots where I had the most fun.



MC: What were your favorite spots that you got to check out in Miami

JJ: I performed at Palace and then at R House for their Drag Brunch. I met Athena Dion on Mykonos and we became very close friends and then when I got to Miami I stayed with her and she booked me all over. I love her so much and she is such a hard working drag queen. Every time, she has so many new looks, working online, arranging the gigs, she is such a superstar. I want to see her on US Drag Race

MC: Your Drag Race Holland sisters were on a Dutch talk show Jinek and they all accused you of being the shadiest queen of the season. Do you think that’s accurate? 


JJ: Well, yes I am the shadiest queen of the season (laughs). I am not hateful, it’s never from a place of hate and I don’t feel bitter about the other girls. I respect and appreciate their art and their personas so much. For me, it is just a way of having humor and laughter. By making shady jokes you learn from each other and you develop yourself more and it brings you closer as people. So for people to say that I am the shadest queen? I don’t see that as a negative thing. 

MC: What is next for Janey Jacké? You have traveled all over the world but now you have a brand new audience as well. 

JJ: Well, I definitely want to do a beautiful tour with all of the girls from the season so we can entertain a lot of people and meet our fans from all over the world. American, Australia, Mexico, Argentina, the whole world is literally watching us. I want to use this platform to inspire people with my story and how I became such a strong confident person and how you can gift yourself that. Then definitely I want to do a one woman show in a few years and tour the world with that. During the pandemic, I am doing a lot of Instagram photos and YouTube content which will be out shortly and will also be with my sister Sederginne Quick. 


MC: How have you stayed inspired and creatively fueled? 

JJ: It’s hard, I have to say that. Doing Instagram I still have to learn a lot it is new for me. I was always the girl on stage working and going place to place, so this is very new to me. It makes it new and fun though. After Drag Race, I am getting to work with these new photographers and all of these creative people who are helping create content. I think at the same time to stay sane, you have to stay grounded and do your best not to lose yourself. We are all in it together though. 

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