Japan Moves Closer To Recognizing Same-Sex Marriages, Step by Step, City by City.


Is Japan following in America's footsteps when it comes to making marriage equality the law of the land?

It wasn't too long ago that we in the United States fought state-by-state to pass marriage equality for 3 million here, 6 million there, 4.5 million in another state. Now we have marriage equality for all. It will be amazing when we don't remember a time when same-sex weddings were illegal. 

Japan has not passed marriage equality. It is still illegal in Japan and across Asia except for one nation (Taiwan's The First Country In Asia To Legalize Gay Marriage).

But what is happening in Japan is that cities are allowing same-sex "marriages" to occur. Fukuoka, Japan, a city of 1.5 million people, making it the second biggest city in the nation, now allows their citizens to have a same-sex partnership that is recognized by law and are given a partnership certificate. Fukuoka follows last year's move by Sapporo to grant same-sex unions and Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward established a similar system in 2015.

Seven cities and wards have now legalised same-sex partnerships.

The certificate does not entail legal rights or obligations like marriage under the civil law, but such couples will be treated as the equivalent of traditionally married couples when they rent city-run housing or seek treatment at municipal hospitals. – japantimes.co.jp

With more and more large cities granting same-sex marriages/unions/partnerships/certificates, will the rest of the nation follow?  More and more of the larger states in the United States were making marriage equality the law of their states and then we had victory for all.

We will keep hoping all will have mariage equality soon in Japan.  What a victory that would be!





h/t: japantimes.co.jp


4 thoughts on “Japan Moves Closer To Recognizing Same-Sex Marriages, Step by Step, City by City.”

  1. Is Japan following in America

    Is Japan following in America's footsteps…?

    Get a grip! America has done a terrible job at achieving and maintaining marriage equality, let alone other forms of LGBTI equality. Let’s hope that policy makers in Japan are learning from more competent and equal countries.

    • Get a grip?  Why do people

      Get a grip?  Why do people always start off with typing exclamations?  It doesn't make your comments more heard. 

      What do you do when you follow in someone's footsteps?  You take the same steps.  The correlation was that the US started off going state by state, approving marriage equality one area at a time. And now Japan is going large city by city approving marriage equality. 

      I agree that Japan and other nations can learn from previous nations' fights. 

      Wait, am I supposed to end in an exclamation, too! OMG! Calm the F down!

        • Wow, you’re still acting

          Ooooh, you swore at a reader?  Really? That is your comeback? SMH

          But it is good that you noted my mirroring the style of comments some people feel they need to put on here. Start and/or end with an exclamation to degrade and be loud, instead of having an intelligent discussion without out intimidation.

          Oh yeah, get a grip!


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