Jared Leto Sets Insta Ablaze After Dropping Shirtless Mirror Selfie

Jared Leto recently posted a thirst trap that sent his Insta followers on a frenzy, as he showed off his shirtless toned physique.

The 51-year-old actor and musician was wearing a bright red cap, which covered the top part of his face. Aside from that, he was shirtless with only a silver chain necklace on, as well as a pair of casual black shorts.

Leto posted the sexy mirror selfie with a caption that reads:


“miss you xx”

Understandably so, the comments section is filled with cheeky reactions…

“51 never looked so good”

“Time to get in line ladies”


“May the odds be ever in your favor, ladies”

“You could have just texted me tbh.”

Dropping the actor’s latest thirst trap here:

(c) Instagram: @jaredleto

Moreover, Leto is set to star in the sequel of the 2010 sci-fi/action film ‘Tron: Legacy.’ The upcoming feature is titled ‘Tron: Ares,’ and the actor will be portraying the new character named Ares.

Disney is producing the film, and according to Deadline, they are reportedly in talks with ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales’ and ‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil’ director Joachim Rønning to work on the ‘Tron’ sequel.

A crew is reportedly being assembled, and the big-budget production is set to start in August of this year in Vancouver, Canada.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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