Jason Momoa Shaved What?!

Screenshot via YouTube @Warner Bros. Pictures

It’s the end of an era. And yes, that’s incredibly dramatic, but that’s just how some fans are taking the news of a recent departure.

And what is that departure? Jason Momoa’s beard.


Yes, it appears that the biggest celebrity news of the morning is that the Game of Thrones and Aquaman star has shaved off his facial hair.

Momoa shared the change on Instagram and YouTube. On Instagram, Momoa captioned today’s biggest reveal with the following:

“Goodbye DROGO, AQUAMAN, DECLAN, BABA …I’m SHAVING this beast off, It’s time to make a change. A change for the better…for my kids, your kids, the world. Let’s make a positive change for the health of our planet. Let’s clean up our oceans our land. Join me on this journey. Let’s make the switch to infinitely recyclable aluminum. Water in cans, not plastic.”

Yes, it appears that Momoa has decided to shave off his now iconic beard of seven years for an environmental statement.


As the former Baywatch star shared in his YouTube video, “Most importantly, I just want to do this to bring awareness.”

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Let’s be honest, it’s a pretty smart idea. Not only is Instinct Magazine writing about Momoa’s shave, but so are Elle Magazine, the Huffington Post, DailyMail, USA Today, Men’s Health, Oprah Magazine, Time Magazine, CNN, Buzzfeed, and more. Apparently, a lot of people care about this beard.

Unfortunately, some people cared a little too much. As always, Twitter users are freaking out.






But again, the beard wasn’t the real issue at hand. Using his beard as a front to start up buzz, Momoa then switched the conversation about recycling and nature preservation. He also marketed the use of cans instead of plastic to drink water.

Props to Momoa for using such a clever publicity stunt to do some good. And jokes on us for caring so much about a beard! But one thing’s for certain. Beard or not, Jason Momoa looks good!

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