‘Pose’ Actor Opens New QPOC Talent Agency

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Jason Rodriguez is in the business of supporting other LGBTQ and QPOC artists.

The Pose actor has started a new talent agency to support the careers of queer performers of color, according to Variety. The agency, titled Arraygency, is based in New York and will be run with the help of manager Ricardo Sebastián (who is queer, non-binary, and Latin themselves).


According to their website, the agency will focus on uplifting “equity, diversity, and inclusion to better meet the needs of BIPOC, queer and trans creatives in the entertainment industry and ensure equal access to opportunities for all.” 

Or as Rodriguez told the New York Daily News, the agency’s goal is “to bring these BIPOC, queer and trans folks and make sure that they’re supported and understand the ropes, and the connectors, and the movements in these industries — so they are not lost.”

He then adds that as a gay man of color, he had to fight in order to get opportunities. And he struggled to get the experience/necessary lessons to compete in the entertainment industry.



“Most of the time, we haven’t been given the opportunity to learn these creative moves and ventures and terminology because of our identities, because we’re Latinx, because we’re Black, because we’re queer, we’re trans,” Rodriguez shares. “When I stepped into Pose (2018), I was still learning. Everything for me was a learning curve, learning what it meant to have an agent, to have your manager.”

According to Gay City News, Ricardo Sebastián also happens to manage Rodriguez. It was Sebastián’s excellent management skills that helped Jason Rodriguez learn more about the entertainment industry. And now, the two want to do that for others.

But how do QPOC and LGBTQ artists sign under Arraygency? Rodriguez and Sebastián are currently scouting for new talent. They hope to find not only queer performers of color but artists who are vocal about their needs. They then plan to announce some of their current roster of performers later today, August 20.


Source: Variety, New York Daily News, Gay City News,

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