Jaymes Vaughan and Jonathan Bennett Adopt a Dog And Name Them Yasss!

Credit: Jonathan Bennett Instagram

Cutie couple Jonathan Bennett and Jaymes Vaughan just introduced the world to their newest family member. 

They adopted the most adorable doodle dog and named them, wait for it, here it comes… YASSS


No, I’m not kidding. That’s what they named it. So Yasss is now a dog’s name, a town in Australia and something us gays (and our supporters) say whenever something fun and exciting happens. 

Jaymes, 36, and Jonathan, 38, introduced Yasss to the world on its own Instagram account earlier this week.


“Hi” they captioned the pic of their dog posing adorably on the couch. There is a sweet back story to them adopting Yasss that goes beyond its funny name.

The television personality previously explained on Instagram how Jonathan wanted a dog badly but the timing wasn’t right for them. Jaymes finally caved in and got him Yasss which he went into detail about in a 3-part video he posted on Friday, August 23. 


“Through an elaborate scheme he had actually been picking out our dog from our friends at @sunkissed.doodles the whole time without knowing it,” Jaymes captioned the footage. 

“They were DMing him pics of puppies saying ‘look how cute, which one would be your favorite if you ever got a dog’ etc. and he totally fell for it,” he continued. “So here’s what happened on June 10 when after years of him asking for one, I finally caved.”


Jonathan’s reaction in the video after he finds out that they are getting a puppy says it all. And now they have another reason to say Yasss repeatedly throughout the day.

Congrats guys!


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