Jeffrey Wachman’s Grey Sweats Have a VERY Visible Print

If you aren't familiar with the incredibly handsome Jeffrey Wachman, then here is why you should, and not just for his amazing way of wearing pants.

He is a former Nasty Pig model who is also an author of an incredible book called Braverman: Confessions of a Jewish Teenage Drug Dealer, which talks about his rough past and how he was able to not only survive but thrive.

On top of that, he runs Buffboyzz Entertainment, which delivers the best in male strippers and gay nightlife experiences in and out of New York City.  Oh, and he's gorgeous, did I mention that? 

He stopped by a local gym yesterday, where just like many of us, he took a selfie mid-workout in nothing but a black tank top and grey sweats, which were very noticeable for the obvious reasons.



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