Jello, Lube, and Pudding Wrestling? Sure! How About Bathing In Silly Putty?

Wrestling in lube, pudding, jello always looked like so much fun as well as entertaining.  Some things were meant to make full body contact more fun.  But what about silly putty?  That's just for Saturday morning cartoons, right?  After this next experiment involving the little more high tech "liquid glass" putty, I would say … well … let's just see.


Online retailer Vat19 has been making goofy videos promoting their even goofier wares for almost decade on Youtube. Yet this recent post about the mysterious properties of "Liquid Glass" putty turns from funny to freaky real quick as one of their spokespeople slowly descends into 500 lbs worth of the semi-solid substance… without a plan for how to get out. –





Don't go trying this at home?  I think that's good advice.  Only recommended for people with Alopecia Areata.

Thanks Jake Young over at for being, well, dorkly.


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