Jennifer Coolidge on Her Iconic ‘The White Lotus’ Line About the Gays

By now, we’re probably all aware that Jennifer Coolidge is a well-loved icon in the queer community — and deservingly so, TBH.

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She’s been serving with her iconic portrayals — one being the fan favorite Tanya McQuoid in ‘The White Lotus’ Seasons 1 and 2. In the second season, the 61-year-old actress delivered a line that quite stuck to the viewers… and gays, which goes:


“Please! These gays, they’re trying to murder me!”


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And during a recent Actors on Actors content by Variety, Jeremy Allen White asked Coolidge about her meme-worthy line, stating:


“Do you ever get that on the streets? Do people shout that at you?”

And to that, the ‘Legally Blonde’ actress responded by sharing the behind story of how her iconic line came to be. 

(c) Instagram: @jennifercoolidge

“Mike [White] was very confident about Tanya being pursued by these seemingly friendly gays who seemed to be fans of her. Then Mike was like ‘you realize we don’t see the gay men as being evil, they’re not portrayed like that. I think people would like to see this,’” she recalled.


Coolidge further expressed that the queer representation in ‘The White Lotus’ was “not a typical thing.” Moreover, she also noted that “a whole group of gay men in New Orleans who went out on Mardi Gras as Tanya. They get the dress right, the scarf is better than the one I wore.”

The actress added,


“It’s happened in other cities. It did somehow strike a chord. I’m thrilled!”

You can watch Coolidge’s Actors on Actors with White here:

Also, here’s a video of Tanya’s iconic line — ’cause why not?


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