Jennifer Coolidge Talks About Her ‘The Watcher’ Role from Ryan Murphy

Jennifer Coolidge has been on a role with landing iconic roles, deservingly so. In fact, she is starring in Netflix’s horror series ‘The Watcher,’ which she has apparently waited for 10 years.


In an interview with IMDb, the 61-year-old actress shared that Ryan Murphy rented her house in New Orleans for ‘American Horror Story,’ but she didn’t manage to take part in it.

“It was sort of a riveting thing that Ryan was asking me to do this. I never get offered these sort of scary parts. He rented my house and used it for American Horror Story down in New Orleans, but even if I was in the yard… he somehow made sure he wasn’t around to give me a little part. So here I am 10 years later, thrilled!,” Coolidge expressed.

In ‘The Watcher,’ she plays the role of a realtor named Karen Calhoun who sold the ill-fated home to the Brannock family. As per Augustman:

“The plot revolves around the Brannock family who buy a house in Westfield, a posh American suburb in New Jersey, only to find themselves receiving sinister threats by an anonymous person sending letters signed as The Watcher. Neighbours are not of much help, and the family suspects that any one of them could be The Watcher.”

‘The Watcher’ premiered on October 13, and it is available for streaming on Netflix.  Aside from her realtor role in the horror series, Coolidge is also starring in the highly anticipated second season of ‘The White Lotus,’ which is set in Sicily.


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