Jennifer Lopez Meets Her Drag Queen Impersonator Jo Lopez

Jennifer Lopez finally met her drag queen impersonator Jo Lopez, and the latter got the surprise of her life when the two of them came face-to-face. <3

(c) Instagram: @justjolopez

The drag queen was on stage at The Abbey’s Sunday Service drag brunch in West Hollywood when Jennifer suddenly showed up from the backstage. At first, Jo wasn’t able to notice that she was no longer alone on stage, as she was busy interacting with the crowd.


The audience suddenly shouted as soon as Jennifer showed up though, which resulted to Jo looking over her shoulders, only to find the “Let’s Get Loud” singer on the stage with her. The drag queen’s reaction was priceless, and she immediately gave her a hug after a few seconds of fangirling.

Moreover, Jennifer recently released a new single titled “Can’t Get Enough”, and the music video gained over 3.6 millions views as of this writing. In the video, the 54-year-old singer and actress wore a white cut-out gown, and Jo was wearing a similar one at the drag brunch.

Not to mention, the drag queen impersonator posted about meeting Jennifer in person via an Instagram Story, writing:

“I have a crusty lace. I have an ugly scar on my chin. My facial hair is coming in. My makeup is oily. And that double chin… I look CRAZY. But I met Jlo today and nothing else matters.”


You can watch Jennifer’s EPIC surprise for Jo here:

Also, here’s J.Lo’s “Can’t Get Enough” music video:


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