Jennifer Lopez Shares a V Steamy Shirtless Selfie of Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez celebrated Father’s Day with a bit more spice, as she shared a V sexy shirtless selfie of Ben Affleck to greet him on the special day.

“Daddy Appreciation Post
Happy Father’s Day Papa

And Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing Papas out there!! We love you and appreciate you more than you will ever know,” the 53-year-old singer wrote on the caption.

(c) Instagram: @jlo

The first photo was said raunchy thirst trap of her hot hubby, followed by a video, as well as two photos of them being all cuddly. <3 Meanwhile, the comments section have mixed opinions about J.Lo’s post.

Some people questioned:

“Where are pics of him with the kids? I love her but this post is strange to me”

“And yet not one picture with his children”


There are a lot of people who came to Lopez’s defense as well, writing:

“This comment section did NOT pass the vibe check! Let’s not be miserable on the internet for a change? Happy for you JLo. Grateful for good fathers.”

“Comment section needs hugs and therapy. What happened to just being happy for someone”

“These comments are absurd she’s appreciating him as a person and father that’s enough why on earth would she need to post his kids do you really think that’s appropriate when she’s still getting to know them at this stage you don’t even know if the kids feel comfortable being posted anyways. She barely posts her own kids you know why because her kids are old enough to know that they don’t want to be on camera 25/8 so she respects their wishes by not invading their space.”



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