Jeremy Pope To Play A Gay Marine In New Film

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Jeremy Pope’s taking on another gay role?!

Tony-nominated actor Jeremy Pope (who’s also known for his Emmy-nomination worthy screen work on Hollywood) has signed on for a new project. Joining celebrated mom Gabrielle Union, Pope has signed on for the drama The Inspection. According to Deadline, the feature film will be an autobiographical tale under the guidance of photographer and filmmaker Elegance Bratton.


Details about The Inspection’s plot are currently unknown to the public. What we DO know is that Pope will play a young gay man who enlists in the Marines. Union, meanwhile, will play his mother whose approval he desperately seeks.

The film will be produced and co-financed by Effie T. Brown for the company Gamechanger Films. In addition, A24 will join Gamechanger in producing the movie. Then, the actual filming and production will start later this summer.


“Elegance brings authenticity, heart and a fresh perspective to this compelling autobiographical story and we are thrilled to have Jeremy Pope and Gabrielle Union on board to bring it to life,” Brown said Monday. “I’ve long admired the excellent work of our partners at A24 and it’s exciting for Gamechanger to partner with a company that is equally committed to bringing diverse and captivating stories to the forefront of entertainment.”

Bratton is just coming off receiving Spirit Awards ad Outfest honors for his documentary Pier Kids. That documentary, which was released to the public through PBS earlier this year, focused on Black, homeless queer youth living on the Christopher Street Pier in New York City. The story was close to home for Bratton because he lived on the pier for a decade after leaving home at the age of 16.

It looks like things aren’t just looking up, career-wise, for Jeremy Pope but for Elegance Bratton too.

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