Jeremy Renner Shows Muscles & Scars in Upcoming Pictorial

Photo Credit: Marvel

Scars or no scars, I still love his guy next door charm.

Jeremy Renner, age 53, is the latest Hollywood hunk to grace the cover of Men’s Health Magazine. He serves as the cover story and pictorial for the publication’s upcoming July/August issue. 


Renner is most known to fans for playing Hawkeye in over seven different Marvel productions. He also co-starred in other blockbusters including 28 Weeks Later, The Hurt Locker and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. 

Photo Credit: Men’s Health Magazine

In his upcoming interview, the California native comments on the near fatal accident he had in January 2023. At that time, Renner sacrificed himself to save his nephew from a snowplow collision, thus ending up in critical condition with blunt force trauma to the chest and over 38 broken bones. 

An interview blurb provided by Entertainment Weekly says: 


I never really had scars before, they were probably more emotional, spiritual scars, you know? And now there are some physical ones. But the physical ones aren’t even from the accident, they’re just because of the accident. All those are just reminders of the beautiful, beautiful, day that could have been a really bad day. I’m glad I’m here, and I’m going to keep feeding what you take with you: those shared experiences with those you love. 

Photo Credit: Men’s Health Magazine

For more information on Renner’s recovery and fitness regime, visit his latest coverage over at Men’s Health Magazine. It sounds like a true story of perseverance and never giving up, and also insight into how personal fitness can help you in more ways than one. 

Glad to see you’re doing well, Jeremy. And trust me, with a body like that, no one’s even paying attention to the scars! Plus, scars are sexy, am I right? 


Source: Entertainment Weekly, Men’s Health Magazine 

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