Jerry O’Connell Hosts The Wendy Williams Show!

Jerry O’Connell Hosts The Wendy Williams Show!

Was He Better Than The Hot Topics Queen?

HOW HE DOIN’?! #GROAN! If you’re familiar with any of my contributing posts on Instinct Magazine, you clearly know I fan out and love to cover anything Wendy Williams puts her name on. Even something as small as beefing with a narcissistic porn star. Ever since Williams possibly fainted during her latest Halloween special in October, her audience and haters alike have been counting down until she is unable to move on with her hit Talk Show. Weeks ago, Williams dropped the news she would be taking a leave of absence due to her battle with Graves Disease, but didn’t seem too worried about her health or reputation. Throughout the series, Williams has constantly stated no one would be guest hosting the show for her if she was ever out sick, but her statement has been retracted today.

Okay, in Williams’ defense, I’m certain she had to agree to having a guest host since she is taking an extra week off – she’s due back to her stage on March 19th. You have to think: Her staff does not get Williams-type money, someone has to pay the outrageous rent of living in New York City. So, of course, it’s time to revamp the show before sponsors and advertisers get pulled away. Hollywood runs on money – or alleged, hidden sexual assaults – so I’m not surprised at all Williams wasn’t able to keep her word. At the very least, I would assume someone comparable to her. RuPaul, perhaps? But, alas – she ended up getting a heterosexual man – who has been seen way too often in drag-  Jerry O’Connell. O’Connell took today to dive into Williams’ staple, Hot Topics, and played around with her guest stars and co-hosts, what she famously calls her audience. Funny enough, no one gets to sit in Williams' iconic, purple chair besides herself – so that was scrapped for his performance.

To my surprise, the audience seemed to really enjoy O’Connell. Alright, I’m not as cynical as you’d like to believe – I don’t mind him at all. However, he was trying to run with the theme of Williams’ show, which just isn’t in the cards for him. He put on an act with Hot Topics, almost making a mockery out of Williams’ “tacky” (her words) hour of television. I gave a real side eye when O’Connell glazed over the dating app, Grindr – we know you know what that is, girl. He had a feminine voice for some reason almost his entire hour and left some of social media claiming he was better than Williams. In…in what reality? It’s clear Williams is at home talking about viral, media, and ratchet celebrities. She’s actually a fan of music and is a professor of Rap, Hip-Hop, and being in someone else’s business. O’Connell, while charming and bring-home-to-mom, is not the person I want to hear a bunch of gossip from.

Essentially, Williams’ powerhouse voice and unmatched personality are severely missed in daytime television. It is her quick mouth which gets her in plenty of trouble, but she does tend to say what a lot of us are thinking – just, abrasively – but isn’t that why we’ve listened to her for almost three decades? Williams needs to get better soon because she is missed, dearly. Day time talk is a bit dimmer without their sassiest shocking host. Check out O'Connell's attempt at being Williams below:



Are you tuning in O’Connell this week as he covers for Williams?

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