Jesse Williams Talks All About His Nude Scene in ‘Take Me Out’

Jesse Williams made his Broadway debut in the show ‘Take Me Out,’ and his portrayal of Darren Lemming received positive reviews, as well as a Tony Award nomination.


The said Broadway show tells the story of a Major League Baseball player Darren Lemming (Williams) who comes out as gay at the peak of his career. There are scenes wherein the actors are nude and showering in the locker room, and the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star had one request about it.

“[The water] has to get pushed through the pipes. When it first comes out, it’s not friendly. You’ve all seen ‘Seinfeld’… shrinkage,” Williams joked at Variety’s Business of Broadway breakfast.

Aside from hoping for the hot water to make its way quicker, the 41-year-old actor continued:

“The audience needs to be confronted with what we’re confronted with. We have to look at each other’s dicks every day. We have to be naked every day. As an audience, you have to decide whether to look up or down. We joke that we should ask, ‘What did they say in that scene?’ Many of you don’t know.”


Moreover, Williams will be reprising his fan-favorite role as Jackson Avery in the Season 19 of the medical drama ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ Aside from guest starring in the show, he will serve as a director as well.


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