Jill Biden Teams Up With The “Queer Eye” Cast For A Virtual Fundraiser

The Joe Biden/Kamala Harris campaign continue to work hand in hand with the LGBTQ community, and their most recent partnership has them collaborating with five of the most outspoken and socially conscious¬†members of our community; this Tuesday, Jill Biden will be teaming up with the cast of Netflix’s Queer Eye for a grassroots fundraiser for Vice President Biden’s campaign. The Fab Five filmed a short video (with Dr. Biden) where they touched on every issue from trans lives to homeless veterans to what many consider the most crucial, getting Donald Trump out of the Oval Office.¬†Biden’s daughter Ashley and several of their grandchildren are expected to participate in Tuesday’s fundraiser, according to Biden spokesperson Michael LaRosa.


The Queer Eye boys have consistently made sure that they use their platform to promote the social change that they so passionately are looking to see. Jonathan Van Ness campaigned with Senator Elizabeth Warren last year prior to the Iowa Caucuses & participated in a “Community of Pride” event with Joe and Jill Biden during Pride Month. Karamo Brown spoke eloquently at an LGBTQ Presidential Forum in Iowa, and the UK born France became a citizen, followed by an announcement that he was registering to vote for “the change I wish to see in OUR nation”¬†

To sign up for the Grassroots fundraiser on Tuesday September 1st, check out the Biden Victory Fund website


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