Joaquin Phoenix to Star in a “Sexually Explicit” Upcoming Film

Joaquin Phoenix is set to star in an upcoming film directed by Todd Haynes, who teased that the project is expected to be “sexually explicit.”


In a recent interview with Variety, Haynes shared what his next movie, starring Phoenix, is all about, stating:

“It’s a love story between two men set in the 30s that has explicit sexual content that or at least it challenges you with the sexual relationship between these two men. One is a Native American character and one is a corrupt cop in LA. It’s set in the 30s.”

“They have to flee L.A. ultimately and go to Mexico. But it’s a love story and with a strong sexual component. And what was so remarkable is that it all started with Joaquin having some ideas and some thoughts and just questions and images,” he continued.

The 62-year-old American filmmaker further revealed that Phoenix was “pushing it further into more dangerous territory, sexually.” Moreover, he was asked about when the film will start shooting, to which he answered,


“We hope we’ll be shooting by early summer. It’s a little tricky because the strike and projects of Joaquin’s that have gotten stopped.”

Definitely keep your eyes peeled for this upcoming steamy romance!


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  1. He’s certainly a good actor and although I’m not personally attracted to him I’m kind of excited to see him play a gay role. It’s basically going to be an explicit gay love story set in the 30’s oh yea and it’s going to be rated NC-17 so I’m sure it’ll have lots of gay sex.


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