Joe Biden Adds Another Gay Man To His Staff

Jeff Marootian (center) speaking with Mayor Muriel Bowser in February 2020. / Image via Twitter @DDOTDCDirector

Another openly gay man has been tapped to join Joe Biden’s staff.

President-elect Joe Biden and his team recently named Jeff Marootian as Special Assistant to the President on Climate and Science Agency Personnel. Marootian is one of the cabinet members working under D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser. If approved for the position, the current director of the D.C. Department of Transportation would advise Biden on several issues such as climate change, healthcare, immigration, environmental quality, and racial justice, according to the Washington Blade.


In a statement tapping Marootian and 13 others for staff positions, Biden said, “Delivering results to Americans grappling with the many challenges facing our country will require an experienced, innovative, and principled White House team. The policy leaders announced today are accomplished public servants who are ready to build back better for this country immediately.”

In a separate statement, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris added that Marootian and company are “innovative thinkers and principled leaders.” She then added, “I look forward to working with them to ensure that every American has a fair shot a pursuing their dreams.”



“Jeff has been a strong and passionate leader who we know will help our country build back better in his new role,” said Mayor Muriel Bowser in a statement to Greater Greater Washington. “During his time at the District Department of Transportation he has worked tirelessly to make our roads and sidewalks safer and more efficient, and to build a transportation network that not only meets our needs today but looks ahead to the future.”

This isn’t the first time that Jeff Marootian has worked with Joe Biden. In November, Marootian joined Biden’s 18-person transition team. There, he worked alongside Reggie Greer, Biden’s LGBTQ liaison. In a recent tweet, Greer congratulated Marootian on the announced appointment.

“So excited for my gay big brother, friend and mentor, @DDOTDCDirector Jeff Marootian, for becoming President-elect @joebiden’s special assistant for Climate and Science Agency Personnel!” he wrote.


In addition to advising President-elect Joe Biden in a series of issues,  Marootian will have influence on other people hired within executive departments. Presidential Personnel staff help influence who is hired or fired in Congress-confirmed positions within the executive branch. This means Marootian will have influence in around 4,000 jobs within the government. Though, it’s currently unknown if he will be working directly within the White House or in an office somewhere else.

Source: Washington Blade, Greater Greater Washington,

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