Joe Biden Just Officiated A Gay Wedding For DC Staffers (For The Second Time!)

The internet loves Joe Biden.

That’s hard to deny when the guy is inspiring, and feeding into, hundreds of him and former President Obama.

Then, last year Joe Biden did the honor of officiating the gay marriage of two White House staffers.

Back then, it felt like the marriage and union of the two were officially guided by the big three of the Obama Administration. Brian Mosteller was the director of Oval Office operations for President Obama, while his husband Joe Mahshie was a trip coordinator for first lady Michelle Obama. Then, having Vice President Joe Biden officiate the wedding? It was a match made in the White House.

And it seems like Biden is at it again, because he was just photographed officiating yet another marriage of a Democratic staffer and his (now) husband (even though he left it months ago).

This time, Biden helped with the marriage of Henry Muñoz, who sits as the Finance Chair for the Democratic National Committee, and his husband Kyle Ferari.

The way that we all were graced with the knowledge of this event was through Instagram. A good friend of the two, who’s none other than actor Melanie Griffith, took a shot and posted it online.

The picture read:

“My dearest friends Henry Munoz and Kyle Ferari were married today by VP Joe Biden. Wishing them everlasting love and a joyous life journey!”



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