Joe Gauthreaux & DJ Jace M Drop Their Big Room Anthem “We Won’t Go”

His collaborations with DJ Leanh (“This Is Me“) & Bruno Knauer (“Work It If You Want It“) are already steeped in dance music remix history, but Joe Gauthreaux’s latest collaboration with Detroit’s DJ Jace M “We Won’t Go” is providing dance floors (virtual as many of them are right now) with the exact kind of uplifting anthemic music that we need right now. 

Art Courtesy of Joe Gauthreaux

The track is full of quintessential Gauthreaux staples; massive beats and a hypnotic style chant, along with the classic builds throughout the track that we have come to expect from Gauthreaux. Including Jace M as his latest collaborator was a stroke of musical kismet. With fifteen years in the game and a residency at Necto Nightclub, which makes him the man behind the music at one of the biggest nightclubs in the Detroit area.Their differences, according to Jace, are what make he and Gauthreaux’s collaborations musical genius.  “My sound leans more after-hours,” says Jace M. “Joe gravitates more towards a big room, so I think our track is a great meeting of the minds. We feel like this is something that could be played at a main event or after-hours – when we’re all able to gather for large events again, of course.” Their recent mashup of “What’s Love Got to Do With It” by Kygo & Tina Turner was their first collaboration. “I was inspired by the song and an instrumental by Mauro Mozart on their own. When I realized they were both in the same key, it flipped a switch in my head.” Gauthreaux further explains, “I honestly wasn’t sure about the idea at first, but when we started working on it, I realized how great they went together.” 

Art Courtesy of Joe Gauthreaux

For their second collaboration, Gauthreaux & Jace wanted to raise the bar; “We both wanted to make an original. Joe was looking to do something different, and I was wanting to take the next step in production.” Says Jace M, “5 years ago, we probably would have made this track 7 minutes long. But our brains today are ready for the next thing much faster than they used to be.” Jace is newer to the remix game, but he has been training for this for years; “I’d ask my favorite producers specific questions about their productions. I learned a lot from talking with them and wanted to bring that knowledge to this record.”

Art Courtesy of Joe Gauthreaux

For Gauthreaux and Jace right now, it’s all about promoting “We Wont Go” and getting it out to the masses. “We want DJs to play it during their streams or podcasts while waiting for clubs to reopen, so we’re making it a free download until the official release in September,” says Jace M. “It’s partly to promote our work, but also to do what we can to help.” When asked if “We Wont Go” will be their only collaboration, Gauthreaux borrows a quote from the vocal of the single; “Hell no” (The duo is already working on their follow up.) 

Check out “We Won’t Go” and grab the free download here: 

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