Joe Manganiello & His Adorbs Doggo, Ways To Beat The Heat And More

Sharing some of our favorite moments on Instagram this week.


First up, Joe Manganiello (above) wished his adorbs doggo Bubbles happy birthday.

Bremen Menelli showed off some pretty mad soccer skills – hit the play button:

Comedian Raneir Pollard served up bombastic red, white and blue birthday wishes to the U.S. of A.


Daniel Newman and Nick Topel had a rainbow bowling kind of Miami experience:


Quincy was trying to find that “good angle,” although all the angles look good to us:

Shea Scott got his workout in before the heat arrived:


Las Vegas-based model Chaun Williams found his own way to beat the heat:


Moe Bear swears he’s wearing pants:


Max Emerson took his own special ferry to Fire Island:

Anthony Varrechia had cactus with his coffee:


This wrestling coach followed his instincts:

Yeti had an endorphin rush:


Bruno Baba continued polling his followers on his current situation:


There’s always something wild going on at Palace South Beach:


And how about one more from dog daddy Joe Manganiello and Bubbles (who clearly has the best seat in the house):

6 thoughts on “Joe Manganiello & His Adorbs Doggo, Ways To Beat The Heat And More”

  1. Is there a reason why all the guys you featured, but one, have gym bodies?
    It’s 2021.
    Don’t you think we’ve had enough of body fascism?
    Gay men come in all shapes, all beautiful and worthy of respect.
    It might be time to widen your scope and include other guys with less-than-perfect bodies.

    • Hi Polo, I put the post together. A few of things:

      1. QueenOfFlips, Bruno Baba and Moe Bear are not showing off what some might term “perfect” bodies in this post. Some, like Joe Manganiello and Chaun Williams, are wearing shirts and the state of their bodies aren’t really the focus of the photos.

      2. Practically every one of the photos were picked because of some sense of fun or whimsy. Max Emerson heading to Fire Island on a flamingo float; Joe and his dog; Chaun’s caught-in-the-moment smile; the wrestling coach inadvertently touching the wrestler; QueenOfFlips for all of that personality; Quincy’s search for a ‘good angle;’ Raneir’s bombastic energy & outfit; Bremen’s quite impressive soccer skills (did you watch the video clip?)…

      3. Being physically active or in shape is not a bad thing. Let’s not demonize the idea of fitness.

      4. The post includes older men, younger men, Black/Asian/Hispanic men, transgender men and a drag queen. Perhaps, if the only thing you come away with is “body fascism,” that might say more about you than the post. Peace.

    • “Body fascism” is absurdly dramatic and doesn’t even make sense.

      None of these images show anyone who is excessively ripped or roided. There is no such thing as the perfect body, and no one physique is appealing to everyone. But a basic level of fitness and care is always going to be preferred over someone who isn’t dedicated to their appearance. It’s not realistic to demand that everyone else make you feel better about your personal insecurities.


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