Joe Manganiello Talks Wild Behind The Scenes Moments On The ‘Magic Mike’ Set

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Magic Mike became a box office smash seven years ago and helped turn some of its stars, like the super cute Alex Pettyfer, into household names while strengthening the celebrity of others involved like leading man Channing Tatum.


Another memorable cast member from the sexy drama was True Blood vet Joe Manganiello, who played the role of Big D**k Richie. Two scenes come to mind from his time on screen: his “reveal” to a female audience member on stage and his hilarious yet sultry performance to “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys for a gas station clerk.

Joe, 42, spoke about naughty behind the scenes dirt from the film in the latest issue of Men’s Health magazine.

Turns out the female extras, who played audience members during the scenes where the men stripped down, went above and beyond in the outrageous department with one cast member.

“The girls were animals. Absolute animals,” he giggled. “They ripped (Matthew) McConaughey’s thong off at one point, and he had to do a tuck roll backward to get away.” That incident happened on the first day of filming.


Joe, alongside his Magic Mike costars Tatum and Adam Rodriguez, did the G-string thing publicly during a promotional event for the movie. The surprised a movie theater audience by introducing the film shirtless before stripping down in nothing but a thong before the film began. Talk about getting lucky.

The hunky actor also talked about the stripping aspect and how it was no biggie to him. “It is choreography: We had dance and movement training, and all the guys were athletes, so it was pretty easy to pick up. That said, you want to come in in the best shape of your life.”

Magic Mike, which detailed Tatum’s days as a stripper in Tampa, Florida, was so successful that it spawned a sequel and a live show in London and Las Vegas.

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