Joe Rogan Addresses Dylan Mulvaney’s Bud Light and Nike Backlash

Trans actress Dylan Mulvaney has been the subject of transphobic backlash after revealing her partnerships with Bud Light and Nike.

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And amidst all of the hateful and mean comments that the 26-year-old TikTok star has been receiving, one unexpected person seems to come to her defense — Joe Rogan. The controversial podcast host has verbally harmed the LGBTQ+ community numerous times in the past.


One of which was him claiming that being transgender is a “cult-like mentality,” a “weird kink” and a “psychiatric condition.” He also falsely stated that transgender women “use male tactics and male behavior as they invade feminist spaces,” and that they “dominate them like men do.”

So taking into consideration everything that he has said against the LGBTQ+ community, seemingly defending Mulvaney by no means erases the wrong things he has done. On that note, here’s what Rogan said about the backlash that she’s been receiving after her Bud Light and Nike partnerships…

“What they’re [Bud Light] doing is just spreading the brand to an extra group of people. Why, if something is good, do you give a f**k who’s got it?

Like, would we do this with cheesecake? Like, you know what I’m saying?

Like, if there was like a bomb a** cheesecake and all of a sudden, you know, some radical group like Antifa really got into the cheesecake. Would we be like, ‘F**k this’?,” the host expressed on his Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

However, he then admitted that he found singer Kid Rock’s video amusing because he likes “wild people” and “raising hell.” Rogan was referring to Kid Rock’s horrific video, wherein he is shooting bullets at multiple cases of Bud Light, which is a part of a conservative movement to boycott the beer brand, according to PinkNews.


He pointed out that companies like Nike are using Mulvaney to market their products, then called her a “goofy person” — questioning people why it’s such a “big deal” to “hire a goofy person.”

“The thing is like about this Dylan Mulvaney thing is like, it’s just someone who wants a lot of attention.

You’re giving that someone a lot of attention, and you’re trying to reach another audience. I saw it and I was like, ‘What the f**k is this?’ My initial reaction is like, ‘This is silly’,” the host further expressed.

With all of that being said, did Rogan really defend Mulvaney? Or was he just simply talking about the issue and how he found it “silly”? Thoughts???


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