Joel Kim Booster Deals with a Heckler During ‘Asian AF’ Show

A certain photo of Joel Kim Booster has been going around on Twitter, and it happens to be of him appearing to be mid-confrontation with an audience member who was giving him a thumbs down…


The 36-year-old actor and comedian was headlining for the Asian AF show at the Kennedy Center on April 20 when the commotion with an audience member happened.

Booster addressed the matter on Twitter, writing:


“The fact that I have to deal with this sh*t, at the Kennedy Center of all places… this is not community……”

However, it turns out that the thumbs down from the heckler was staged by the ‘Fire Island’ star himself, and a video of it was posted the next day. 


Booster even reacted to the video via a few tweets, explaining:

“To be fair, I thought the thumbs down was so stupid there was no way anyone would believe it.”

“I had planned on continuing to do this at various live shows until people genuinely believed I was the most persecuted comic in America, but it’s better as just a fun little secret prank I had with that specific audience for 12 hours.

All glory to my guy in the audience who made a big bold choice, without which I don’t think this would’ve have been nearly as funny,” he continued.

The comedian further expressed his gratitude for the people who came to his defense, thinking the heckler giving him a thumbs down was real, tweeting:


“And genuine thank you to everyone for being so nice and protective, I feel like Drew Barrymore at the end of Never Been Kissed, I hated lying to you but it was for my JOB.”

Moreover, Asian AF (Asian As F***) “is the premier Asian American variety show in Los Angeles and New York.” It “spotlights the best Asian American actors, stand-up comedians, improvisers, sketch performers, storytellers, and more.”

Booster is headlining the show, which is also featuring Karen Chee, as well as other cast to be announced.


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