Joel Kim Booster Jokes About God, Gay Dads, And Dating Apps On “The Late Late Show”

Joel Kim Booster is back again.


The openly gay comedian has been doing great since we first wrote about him back in 2017. That was when he expressed his desire to eat out Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Afterwards, Booster began to get attention for his story of being an Asian and gay adoptee in a White, Christian household in the Midwest.

Then last year, Booster’s name sprung up again as he became one of the faces of Grindr’s “Kindr” initiative.

But throughout all of that, Joel Kim Booster has continued to travel and work as a stand-up comedian, and now he’s doing it again on tv.





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Booster recently appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden. He took the time to discus his thoughts on LA, stupidity, gay dating, gay apps, and gay dads.


“I think it’s so great that there are so many gay dads in the country,” he explained. “But I also think it’s wrong.”

“I believe that gay men, we were put here as population control, and I think every time God above sees two gorgeous men raising a child he’s like, ‘Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, you have misunderstood the assignment.’ And it must be so frustrating for Him, because we’re so much better at it!”

“Like, you’ve got this national park, and it is overrun with deer. So you release some wolves into the neighborhood to get rid of some of the deer, and then the wolves start raising high-functioning deer, you know? ’Oh, my God, they named that deer Atticus and they opened up a Montessori school! It’s out of control!”

Booster then insured the audience that he was only joking, “Give it up for gay dads!”

You can watch his whole set down below.


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