Joel Kim Booster’s Pics Leaked?!

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Joel Kim Booster’s nudes leaked?!

Before you rush to go find the pics, know that the leak happened in 2018 and Joel Kim Booster’s ok with it. After all, it got people googling him.


The comedian and actor shared this perspective in a clip from his upcoming Netflix stand-up special. In Psychosexual, Booster shares this turn of events with his audience before turning it into a joke.

“I found out that all my nudes leaked online,” he shared. “Yeah, I know, I can see some of you reaching for your phone right now. Obviously, I was angry. I felt violated. But then I found out that they were put on a website for male celebrity nudes, and I was like, they can stay.”

As Pride pointed out, this isn’t the first time that Joel Kim Booster has commented on having nudes and the possibility of them being leaked.



This Netflix special isn’t the only thing Joel Kim Booster’s got going on lately. In fact, the comedian and actor is currently blossoming in Hollywood. Earlier this month, he released his first feature length film titled Fire Island. The gay rom-com is a queer adaption of the classic Pride & Prejudice story. Not only did Booster star in the film, but he also penned the script.

Even before that, Joel Kim Booster has been working hard for years to achieve the success he’s currently experiencing. Booster has performed on Conan, written for Billy on the Street, hosted the podcast Urgent Care, acted in the show Sunnyside, and more.

On top of his hard work, Booster attributes his affirming connection to gay people and gay community spaces for nurturing his well-being and art.


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“I didn’t realize how much weight I was carrying around existing in largely heterosexual spaces, especially as a standup comic,” Booster told EW in his Pride month cover story.

“All of my coworkers were straight, and to go out there with other mostly gay comedians and have this freedom was really life-changing for me,” Booster added.

Booster said much of the same back in 2021 when speaking with Bowen Yang on his SiriusXM series Joy F*ck Club. Though, that time, he specifically noted the importance of finding allies in intersections like being gay and Asian-American. He said that having his “first other gay, Asian friend” “affected the trajectory of [his] own life in the ways [he] say [himself].”


“It broke me out of a certain mindset about being the only one in existence,” Booster explained, according to People. “There’s a sort of thing that happens, especially when you’re a double minority, that makes you feel [alone] especially when you’re socialized to believe you’re the only one.”

“I feel the same,” Yang, who also stars in Fire Island, replied. “With you, it was very, very natural.”

So if you want to see just how much Joel Kim Booster is thriving in his career and expression of self, check out his and Netflix’s Psychosexual on June 21.

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  1. If this isn’t an obvious plea for publicity, nothing is. Booster announces he has nude photos on the internet and then dares people to look for them? How stupid does he think people are?


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