Joel Osteen Encourages A Little Friendly Masturbation

Okay, so maybe it was an unfortunate choice of words. But we still enjoyed the Twitter faux pas!


Apparently Televangelist Joel Osteen was trying to spread some words of wisdom Thursday when, trying to explain what makes a true friend, he inadvertently encouraged a little hand action. And the tweet went a little something like…

“A true friend walks in when everybody else walks out,” he wrote. “A true friend doesn’t rub it in when you make a mistake. They rub it out.”

We agree, Joel. A true friend will help rub one out…and capture a screen grab before things can be deleted off Twitter.


6 thoughts on “Joel Osteen Encourages A Little Friendly Masturbation”

  1. Taking sex advice from Joel Osteen is like taking it from Dr. David Reuben, who wrote that revoltingly misguided “expert” account titled “Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask. Talk about garbage advice!

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