Joey Mills Claims Adult Film Actors Should Make No Less Than $1K Per Scene

Credit: Joey Mills Instagram

Porn star Joey Mills went on an epic Twitter rant earlier this week that called for all fellow performers to be making at least $1K a scene after Armond Rizzo spoke about how bottoms are paid less than tops in their profession.

“As performers can we go ahead and say that no one who is performing for a studio should be getting paid any less than 1K a scene,” he wrote on Monday, January 27. “I hear about some of these new models scene rates and how multiple well known studios are knowingly taken advantage of young performers.”

“You can try and say this hurts up and coming studios but if you have to take advantage of people and f**k them over to start a studio you shouldn’t be running one,” Joey exclaimed in a separate tweet. “If you’re a performer making less than 1K this isn’t me coming after you in any way I just want everyone to realize what your worth instead of letting your studio decide for you.”

Another performer, Mickey Taylor, revealed that performers across the pond in the UK have it way worse than the ones in the states in response to Joey’s rant.

“In the U.K. it’s even worse babe,” Mickey wrote. “You can get paid anything from £50-300 a scene. Exclusives get about that too. That’s why we bust our butts to make it in the US and only a few of us do :/.”

Other performers in the thread complained about their own experiences with lack of pay. “That’s precisely why I didn’t take a scene gig!” Topher Drew claimed. “They weren’t willing to pay what I’m worth. If you know your worth and they won’t offer it, you say, ‘F**k you, no.'”

Joey’s words happened shortly after Armond spoke about his own problems in the adult industry. He shared that he was approached by the Blacks on Boys studio for potential work. He learned While doing some digging before responding, he learned that bottoms are paid less than the tops for their work.

“This has never happened to me but there’s a studio who is interested in me and what I found out about them is mind blowing. They pay bottoms way less than tops n there excuse the site is more top dominant … If your wondering what site I am talking about it’s @BlacksOnBoys such a shame… lost my respect. [sic]”

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    • or you could change it.
      There are far too many people in the world that consume porn for people to think this is just not an issue, or that they shouldn’t attempt to make it to a liveable standard. I had an associate that told me something very similar to this, largely because he chose not to empathize with my plight, and thought I was beneath him on some level… 4 months later I did indeed get another job…His…or should I say mine.


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