John Barrowman to Return in ‘Doctor Who’ Holiday Special


John Barrowman to return as Captain Jack Harkness in the ‘Doctor Who’ Holiday Special (photo credit: John Barrowman Official Facebook Page via BBC)

Earlier this year, fans of the long-running British science-fiction television show, Doctor Who, were surprised when the character, Captain Jack Harkness, played by the talented and sexy, John Barrowman, made an unexpected appearance in the Series 12 episode, “Fugitive of the Judoon.”


While the omnisexual time agent who flirted with whomever he could was a popular Doctor Who character, Harkness was last seen on Doctor Who in the Series 4 two-part holiday special, “The End of Time,” ten years ago.


Much to the delight of the many fans of Captain Jack Harkness, it was announced on Monday, November 23 that he would return in the Doctor Who Holiday Special, “Revolution of the Daleks.”

Barrowman shared this news on his Facebook page along with a photo from his first appearance and a promotional photo from the upcoming holiday special.


In another post with a video teaser for “Revolution of the Daleks,” Barrowman writes:

“CAPTAIN JACK HARKNESS is back! I have kept this secret for a long time. But I can finally announce, Jack is back to save the Universe from the Dalek’s along with #TeamTardis and yes he finally meets the Doctor #13. This year’s Festive episode will be epic! What do we need right now during this time? A Hero like Captain Jack to help save the day!”


While the Doctor Who Holiday Special does not have a specified air date, we know it will air on BBC One in the United Kingdom and BBC America on either Christmas Day or New Year’s Day.

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