John Cena Creates HOT, Iconic Oscars Moment

Photo Credit: WWE

You can’t see me? Oh, yes we can!

America’s sweetheart John Cena became the big talking point after The Academy Awards on Sunday, March 10. In case you missed the now-viral moment, let’s check it out below. 


When it came to announce the nominees for Best Costume Design, 46-year-old John Cena took the stage wearing… well… nothing. All he was wearing was a strategically placed nominee envelope over his groin; although sources say he was wearing privacy garments behind the paper. 

Here’s the bit for your viewing pleasure:

The award for Best Costume Design eventually went to Holly Waddington for Poor Things. Sucks that her big moment has been overshadowed by a comedic bit envisioned for the sake of gratuity. 


As with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Cena is one of the few WWE superstars to transition from wrestling to mainstream Hollywood. He’s known for his roles in Daddy’s Home 2, Blockers, The Suicide Squad, Fast & The Furious, Barbie and Argylle. His latest feature, Ricky Stanicky, was released on Amazon Prime on March 7 and co-stars Zac Efron. 


While with WWE, the Massachusetts native became a walking 25-time champion between 2000 and 2017. He still makes rare appearances within the company. 

The Academy Awards was hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. Other big winners from the night include Oppenheimer for Best Picture and Emma Stone for Best Actress. 

But, really, were we the real winners of the night? Because body-ody-ody-ody-ody. 

(source: Yahoo)

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