John Chandler Leaves Boyband Stardom Behind With The Release Of His New Single “Missing”

Whether they are hitting the ballroom on Dancing With The Stars, sitting in the judges chairs on The Voice or reuniting with their fellow heartthrobs for a reunion tour, boy bands and their always swoon-worthy members continue to captivate us. John Chandler may have started as member of 6PIECE (the brainchild of the legendary Maurice Starr), but like many of his boy band compatriots, he has decided to step out on his own. His latest single “Missing” dropped today, and his growling vocals and the accompanying video imagery portray an artist that is rediscovering himself and subsequently, stepping into the limelight on his own.

John attributes the lions’ share of his troubles to finding early success as a teen superstar. John says of his experiences,“being discovered by Maurice Starr, the man behind New Kids on the Block and New Edition, in Atlanta, was a blessing and a curse. On one hand it was amazing, opening for NSYNC on the Pop Odyssey Tour and sharing the stage with acts like Alicia Keys, Jagged Edge, and Trisha Yearwood. On the other, it gave me a false sense of how the world works. I thought dreams were just handed to you at 16, and then you lived happily ever after.”

Photo Courtesy-Project Publicity

The pandemic caused some changes in the filming of the video, with filming in New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta being completely scrapped. He instead shot locally in Nashville. To capture the energy of the single, John and director Cooper Smith filmed in various locations throughout the city including the metal scrapyards next to the Nissan Stadium, by the Cumberland River, in Printers Alley, downtown and what is the city’s tallest luxury skyscraper, the 505.

John Chandler’s “Missing” is being released independently and is available now on Apple Music, Amazon and all other major retailers, as well as for streaming through Spotify. Its video is on YouTube. For more information, follow John Chandler on Instagram @ johnchandlerofficial and Facebook @ johnchandlerr. Visit

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