John Duff Stomps The Living Room (In Heels) For His New Video ‘Do It”

Whether it’s his scorchingly cheeky single ‘Hokie Pokie’ or the R&B tinged ‘Give A Fuck’, every single and video that singer/songwriter John Duff releases is an experience in the best possible way. His latest release, the appropriately titled ‘Do It’ showcases the Los Angeles based performer in the fashion that many of us have been in recently-alone. (How many of us have done it in pumps as easily as Duff does though)?

The most ironic fact about ‘Do It” is that Duff originally didn’t even intend to release it. While he says that the hook to the track has been in his head “since 2015”, it was an encounter with a ghost (of all things) in his New York City apartment saying ‘Do it. Do it. It’s a big world – you ain’t got nothing to prove’ that sparked the creativity to craft his latest release. With the hook becoming a mantra and creating the single and video a mission, Duff collaborated with Eren Cannatta and Koil PreAmple to make the track come alive. “The verses are a series of questions we should all be asking ourselves,” Duff says. “Am I living in my authentic truth? Am I actively playing a positive role in my own destiny? What do I have to lose? Who is stopping me?”  Duff continues, “I have a lot to prove – but only to myself. I’m a science experiment. I am here to prove that I can keep coming out, falling on my face, and surviving. I’m here to prove that the human soul is more resilient than plastic.”


Directed by the consistently divine Brad Hammer (and Duff) and with Aurora Sexton on Art Direction, the video showcases Duff in his own home, where Duff simply invited the crew to film him for the day. The video has an effortlessly carefree vibe, which is precisely what Duff was going for. “I told the crew to come over to my house and film me for a day. I wanted it to feel carefree and fun, like life should be:” he says. “When I was a kid, I would sit alone in my basement all day learning songs and dancing with laser lights and fog machines. The video was a way for me to get in touch with that part of my self.”

Duff has high hopes for his latest single, but not just for himself; he wants “Do It” to motivate listeners simply treat themselves! “Maybe they’ll hear it and think, ‘Ugh, that guy is so annoying,’” he reflects. “Whatever emotion they get from the song, I hope they feel it to the fullest. Is there anything worse than leaving no impression?”

John Duff’s “Do It” is being distributed independently and is available on Apple Music, Spotify and all digital platforms. Its video is available on YouTube. Follow John Duff on Facebook and Instagram @ iamjohnduff.

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