John Oliver Purchased Russell Crowe’s Jockstrap!

You Won't Believe Where The Proceeds Went!

#GAGGED! Alright, so have you heard about Actor Russell Crowe selling memorabilia from his films? (Which Oscar-Winning Actor is Selling His Used Jockstrap on the Internet?) Crowe was almost celebrating his almost decade long divorce by selling off some items. One of these items included a leather jockstrap from his film, Cinderella Man, inspired by real-life, heavyweight boxing champion James J. Braddock. The jockstrap would end up being sold for $7 million. Randomly, the fetishized under garment wasn't bought by someone who'd put it to…use. It was purchased by a Television Host instead!

According to Entertainment Weekly, Comedian and Author of the LGBTQ themed children's book, A Day In The Life of Marlon BundoJohn Oliver, was the lucky winner of the auction selling Crowe's jockstrap. Oliver wound up donating the athletic gear to the very last Blockbuster video store in existence, which resides in Alaska. 

Crowe, like most of us, was surprised and gagged with Oliver's purchase so he decided to give back to wildlife – in the most bizarre way possible. In Oliver's name, Crowe decided to donate a portion of his earnings to the study of koala chlamydia. Oliver hilariously reacted to the news on his show. Check out his reaction in the tweet below:



I believe the next thing to do…is to somehow get our hands on this jockstrap in Alaska! Would you have donated Crowe's jockstrap or, well, kept it for yourself. You know…as a fan… 

What do you think?