John Osborne Reveals He Was Prepared to Defend TJ After Coming Out

John Osborne of the musical duo Brothers Osborne recently opened up about what he was willing to do for his brother when TJ Osborne publicly came out as gay.

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The brothers appeared in a recent episode of the Biscuits & Jam podcast, and John admitted that he felt protective of his brother, especially when it came to expecting backlash from homophobic people.


“My role was just to be his brother, you know? I wanted to be the support that he needed when he needed it. At the end of the day, there was a bit of fear or concern or anxiety surrounding it because you don’t know. You can’t really predict how anyone’s going to react,” the 40-year-old singer shared.

He also revealed that he was willing to stand up for his brother online if need be, expressing:

“I was ready to verbally fight people on Twitter if I had to, and fortunately that never had to happen. It was quite eye-opening for me to know that, ‘Wow, we’ve come a long way as a society to where that, yes, this is news, but it’s great news. It’s good news for everyone.'”

John further stated that he had accepted the possibility of losing fans after TJ came out, however, he noted that his brother’s happiness means way more to him.


“I would not lose sleep over that because it’s not nearly as important as his happiness. So, for me, the anxiety came in, ‘I gotta look out for my little brother,’ but it was never, ‘What’s going to happen to our career?’ because that really pales in comparison,” the older Osborne brother expressed.

In February 2021, TJ publicly revealed that he is gay in a profile with Time. During the podcast, TJ explained that he wanted to finally come out to the public because he wasn’t completely happy, knowing that he was hiding a part of himself.

“I just was at a point where, you know, the ends didn’t justify the means, I guess. I think getting to a place to where, ‘OK, I need to be happy,'” the 38-year-old singer shared.


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