John Roberts Drops ‘Lights Out’ With Music Icon Debbie Harry

While many people know the uproriaously hilarious John Roberts as the endlessly enthusiastic Linda Belcher on Bob’s Burgers, it’s her portrayer John Roberts that is proving to be as multi-layered as the characters he inhabits. Roberts is emerging as a force to be reckoned with in the music world as well. He released the 80’s infused track in 2019, & dropped the track “Freaks” (which he worked with producer & nightlife legend Junior Sanchez on). It’s his his latest track ‘Lights Out’ though, that has him teaming up with a music legend and longtime collaborator Debbie Harry on this anthemic new track. 


Partnering up with Harry was a no-brainer. After working with her on their 2017 single ‘Love Letter’ (from their album Pollinator), reuniting was simply a natural fit  “Working with someone as professional and legendary as Debbie Harry is something I will never forget,” says Roberts. “She came in and nailed it and this song is a dream come true.” With production by Junior Sanchez, and video by Kris Baldwin, the video itself is vividly color filled inter-planet production, showcasing both Harry and Roberts remade animation-style. Harry is completely ethereal of course, with Roberts taking to the terrain in (what else?) a hot dog/motorcyle hybrid vehicle! 

Both ‘Lights Out’ & the previously released ‘Freaks’ are follow up singles to his acclaimed 2019 self-titled EP that featured his club ‘Looking’ (& was produced by Big Black Delta). Roberts is expected to released his long-awaited debut album later this year, and these new singles will appear on the album. 

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