Johnny Massaro Shares The “Beautiful Process” of Him Coming Out

Brazilian Actor Johnny Massaro’s film entitled ‘The First Fallen’ inspired him to come out as gay, and he also revealed his childhood best friend turned boyfriend with a sweet throwback post on Instagram.


‘The First Fallen’ is directed by filmmaker Rodrigo de Oliveira, and it tells the story of a university Biology student named Suzano (Johnny Massaro) who is the first person to be diagnosed with AIDS in his hometown Vitória.

In an interview with Brazil’s POPline, the 30-year-old actor shared the reason why he finally came out stating,


“I couldn’t talk about this film if I couldn’t speak publicly about my sexuality.”

He also added that “it wouldn’t make sense” for him to hide his sexuality while portraying a gay character in the film. Furthermore, Massaro described his coming out as a “beautiful process,” and he received a lot of support from friends and family, as well as the film’s cast and crew.

The actor’s parents were also present during the premiere of ‘The First Fallen,’ and he mentioned that having them there was a “very powerful” experience that served as a learning curve for them. 

“It was necessary for me to have patience because, unfortunately, we live in a world that is still very prejudiced,” Massaro expressed.


Speaking of the movie premiere, he he officially came out a few weeks prior to the event by doing a boyfriend reveal on Instagram. The actor has been dating a law professor and poet named João Pedro Accioly since early 2021, and the two of them have known each other since they were little boys.

“24 years of partnership; a lifetime to go,” Massaro wrote as his caption, accompanied by a throwback photo of them at a children’s party, as well as a current one with both of them in swimwear.


Accioly then explained that their childhood photo was taken way back in 1997 during his cousin’s birthday party. The two of them first met each other at the time, and after years of staying in touch, they finally went out on their first date during the last Saturday of Carnival in 2021.

“On Ash Wednesday, we drove to Bahia. The following Saturday, we were already introducing ourselves as boyfriends, and 8 months and many kilometers later, here we are.

There are encounters and connections that are so profound and immediate that they take time to understand,” Accioly’s endearing caption read.


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