Jojo Siwa Comes Out!

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The Over-The-Top Phenomenon, Jojo Siwa, Is The ‘Best Gay Cousin Ever’

Alright, so you may not be too entirely familiar with Jojo Siwa unless you have a toddler in your life who is obsessed with her. Born Joelle Joanie Siwa, she first entered our television screens in 2013 as a part of Abby Lee Miller’s zany Dance Moms. So, yes, she was born to be a star and has been in the spotlight since she was a ten-year-old. Her influence, likely due to her popular YouTube channel and a slew of appearances on the children’s cable network, Nickelodeon, has garnered her a ton of youthful fans. Siwa isn’t messing around when it comes to her notoriety and marketability: She has a board game, voiced characters in Angry Birds, is a recording artist, Kid’s Choice Award winner, appeared on The Masked Singer, is in a Nickelodeon Mario Kart-style video game, and has a freakin’ doll made of her… and that’s not even her entire resume. But, now she can add one more to her scroll of accomplishments: Gay icon?!


According to Variety, the colorful teen has added some more rainbow to her personality. After releasing a viral TikTok dancing and singing to Lady Gaga’s Born This Way and partnering for a dance with a handful of openly gay YouTubers and other Influencers, Siwa has came out officially. In a very obvious Twitter post, she displays a shirt, gifted from a relative, that states she’s the ‘Best Gay Cousin Ever.’ Siwa’s announcement is certainly going to reach various extremes. Her fan base is a much younger generation who very well may now have conversations in their home, with their parents, about what ‘gay’ is. There could be a backlash from outraged parents, but Siwa herself is almost eighteen and when you know, you know, and you want to live your life out of the closet. In general, Siwa lives her life out of the box, so the news isn’t necessarily too shocking.

Social media is loving Siwa’s coming out and is celebrating with a variety of memes and praise. Check some of them out below:



2021 is already off to a great start… and now we get to add Siwa to the growing list of celebrity gays! Welcome JoJo!

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Source: Variety

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