Jon Hamm OK with being Left Out of Top Gun 2 Shirtless Football Scene

It’s been a long time coming, but after 36 years—that’s an entire generation or two coming of age—Tom Cruise’s 1986 movie finally gets a sequel: Top Gun: Maverick.


The new Top Gun movie is both a sequel and soft reboot. This means you can expect key moments to be reiterated here, such as the infamous shirtless volleyball scene. You know, the one with Kenny Loggins’ ‘Playing with the Boys’ blaring in the background?

It’s not like your memory needs any refreshing as this was a pretty memorable moment, but here’s a clip of said scene anyway:


Only, instead of volleyball, the cast of Top Gun: Maverick plays a round of shirtless (equally steamy!) touch football. And in place of Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer, the scene features new stars Jay Ellis, Glen Powell, and Danny Ramirez.


However iconic this thirst-inducing moment is, though, Jon Hamm (Admiral Beau “Cyclone” Simpson) says he’s relieved he no longer has to be part of it. He says in a recent interview with Esquire:

“I was very, very happy to leave the shirtless parts to the younger generation.”

And while Hamm did feel a tinge of FOMO and jealousy not being able to do any flight scenes in the Top Gun sequel, he admits he didn’t mind that he got to skip the physically arduous pilot training the other actors had to go through.


Hamm also shared his thoughts about the difference in the sensibilities of the two movies. Despite the same military setting and the same action-heavy trope about trigger-happy flyboys, Hamm thinks there is more emotional range in Top Gun: Maverick than in the original. He says:’

“The world is growing up… I think we’re seeing a much less macho iteration of [masculinity] in this film.

There’s female aviators. Jennifer Connelly’s character has agency and has her own thing going on, and she calls Maverick out on a lot of stuff.

I think there’s a lot more nuance to it. Because we live in a more nuanced age – I mean, it’s not 1986 anymore. The cultural conversation has certainly shifted, as it should. We’re stumbling towards some goal.”

Judging by the way fans are singing praises of Top Gun: Maverick, it’s safe to say it’s worth the long wait.

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