Jon Hamm on Why Being Good-Looking Can Be Burdensome

We know and love Jon Hamm for his notable portrayals in hit films and television shows, including ‘Baby Driver’, ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ and ‘Mad Men’, among others.

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On top of that, people also recognize him for his charming good looks, which he often gets compliments for, not only from fans, but also from his colleagues. However, the 52-year-old American actor once opened up about how he doesn’t consider being handsome as a compliment.


“I bring more to the table than what I represent physically. And it’s a daily struggle to prove that. Obviously it’s a lovely thing for people to say… [I’m handsome], but sometimes it comes with a sh*tty dig underneath,” he previously told The Guardian.

Moreover, Hamm’s acting career kicked off after playing the role of “Gorgeous Guy at the Bar” in the TV show ‘Ally McBeal’. ‘Baby Driver’ director Edgar Wright also admitted that being “handsome” was the reason why he had the actor in mind when we wrote the character of Buddy.

Not to mention, the English filmmaker said a comment about handsome people, which Hamm reportedly disagreed with:

“It’s rare to find a dramatic actor who’s also funny. Handsome people aren’t usually funny either.”

Good looks aside, Hamm is indeed a commendable actor, and he deserves to be acknowledged for his acting as much as he is praised for being handsome… <3


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  1. I know it sounds strange but l personally know 5 guys whose major asset is between their legs and who are embarrassed by it and refuse to use it for the advantage it could bring them.

    • Exactly! I have a friend who has a massive big dick. See a couple times at the gym. and he is always ” broke” no money really just living from paycheck to paycheck. I keep telling him he could get a sugar mama or daddy or do OnlyFans but he is like no I got more respect for myself than to do that shit and/or if he has kids he doesn’t want his kids to ever find it on the internet. I’m like OMG! If I had your dick, not only would I be fucking everyone I see, but I’ll also be making money off of it.


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