Jonathan Bailey and Matt Bomer Kissing on the Beach

Actors Jonathan Bailey and Matt Bomer are turning up the heat on the set of their upcoming Showtime miniseries, Fellow Travelers.

The two were caught in some behind the scenes shots while filming in Canada over the weekend. Bailey, 34, and Bomer, 44, made the internet go wild over their throbbing bodies while they embraced and shared some hot kissing and ass-grabbing–for the camera, of course!

The duo will play on-screen lovers in the romance-thriller based off the best-selling novel by Thomas Mallon.


The story follows the romance between Hawkins Fuller (Bomer) and Timothy Laughlin (Bailey) through the ’50s Lavender Scare era through the AIDS crisis of the ’80s.



The images of Bailey and Bomer give fans something to look forward to as the miniseries is sure to include more than just drama.


And here’s a TikTok we shared with more photos of the happy couple, we mean actors acting.

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  1. I’m always down for a new gay show, for some reason I thought they were making it into a movie not tv show. In any event can’t wait to see this!


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