Jonathan Bennett Opens Up About Hallmark’s 1st Gay Holiday Film

Jonathan Bennett is starring alongside George Krissa in Hallmark’s first-ever Christmas movie, ‘The Holiday Sitter,’ which features a lead gay couple.

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In a recent interview with TODAY, the 41-year-old actor shared how important the holiday film is for him expressing,


“Growing up, I never saw a love that looked like my love in Christmas movies. So to be able to create that and bring the story to the screen… there are no words for it, of how excited I am.”

As per Page Six, the synopsis of ‘The Holiday Sitter’ reads:

Sam (Bennett), ‘a workaholic bachelor,’ is forced to babysit his niece and nephew before the holidays when his sister and her husband suddenly have to go out of town.

Sam, who is completely befuddled, enlists some help from a handsome next-door neighbor, Jason (Krissa), with whom he finds himself in an ‘unexpected romance.'”

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Moreover, the ‘Mean Girls’ star talked about where the idea of the holiday film came from sharing,

“The nugget of the idea came from one of my favorite movies growing up, which was ‘Uncle Buck.’ I think so many queer uncles like myself, I’m a gunkle to so many nieces and nephews that are biological, and all my friends’ kids, and so I thought it was a really great premise to start a story.”

Bennett also revealed his favorite part in ‘The Holiday Sitter’ stating,

“In the movie, right away, I don’t know that Jason’s gay. And you have me just kind of being nervous around this really attractive guy and then all of a sudden there’s a moment where I realize, ‘Oh he might actually be a potential date’ and it’s my favorite part of the movie.”


‘The Holiday Sitter’ is scheduled to be released on December 11 at 8 p.m. ET on the Hallmark Channel.


4 thoughts on “Jonathan Bennett Opens Up About Hallmark’s 1st Gay Holiday Film”

  1. I am 71 and love this movie ..taped it and watch it lots…I have gay and trans grandchildren and adore them….can not wait until I can buy it for MYSELF..

    • Like all these other movies, it was very predictable. The kids were actually good, although the sister and husband were not, surprisingly. I mean, I’m glad I watched it and I’m glad Bennett is getting the work and that a lot of people that NEED to see stuff like this will, but it’s not something I could or would recommend to any friends or even on line to random strangers, personally.

      I did enjoy being introduced to Krissa, who apparently is more known for his stage work – hopefully he learn to shave and reveal that jawline to the world – and hopefully he’ll land some more TV and screen roles where people can check him out. I could easily seeing him as a co-lead or even a lead on a TV project.


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