Jonathan Bennett Opens Up About His Broadway Debut in “Spamalot”

Jonathan Bennett recently made his Broadway Debut as Sir Robin in Spamalot, and he revealed that his role is full of secrets…

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According to EW, the 42-year-old out actor’s role as Sir Robin is described as “the most cowardly, if also creative, of the Knights of the Round Table.” Not to mention, Bennett’s portrayal of Sir Robin means that we get to see him sporting a long blonde hairdo, which he revealed is full of more secrets than Gretchen Weiners’ in ‘Mean Girls’.

(c) Instagram: @spamalotbway / @murphymade

“Sir Robin’s hair has way more secrets than Gretchen’s and that’s because knights never wash their hair so it’s really full of secrets,” he jokingly told the outlet.

The actor and TV host also opened up about his sentiments on starring in his first Broadway show, expressing:

“Other than marrying my husband [Jaymes Vaughan], being in Spamalot and making my Broadway debut is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I’ve dreamed about this day since I was five-years-old.”


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Moreover, he also revealed his experience of having to perform eight shows a week for Spamalot.

“Honestly, it’s been the most physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding thing I’ve ever done. This makes ‘Dancing With the Stars’ feel like a joke. The stamina of performing eight shows a week and the muscle memory during the show have been the most challenging thing for me, but it’s all locked in now, come see for yourself!,” Bennett shared.


Spamalot is showing until April 21, and you can find out more about the Broadway show on:


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