Jonathan Knight’s New Series Is Coming Real Soon!

Jonathan Knight is starring in a ‘Farmhouse Fixer’ spin-off, which is reportedly in the works, and will be coming to our screens real soon!


The synopsis of ‘Farmhouse Fixer: Camp Revamp’ as per Country Living reads:

“The all-new series chronicles Jonathan’s progress as he buys a 12-acre lakefront campground and transforms it to a vacation destination. The seemingly idyllic project comes with its share of challenges, from foundation issues and unwanted critters to a tight six-month timeline and budget concerns.”

In an interview with the outlet, Knight shared:

“I’ve always wanted to have a small resort or a boutique hotel, and my business partner sent me a link to a 12-acre, 10-cabin property in New Hampshire.”


Thereafter, he went to see the property and “fell in love” with it. Despite being reluctant at first due to various reasons, he decided to go for it in the end. 

“I’m taking a huge risk to pursue a dream I’ve been chasing. These types of properties are rare. And this is the one. It’s now or never and it’s all on me. My money, my designs, my problems. But the reward… that’s all mine, too,” the 55-year-old New Kids on the Block member further expressed.

Moreover, Knight’s ‘Farmhouse Fixer: Camp Revamp’, which consists of four episodes, is set to premiere on HGTV and Max on June 16 at 9 p.m. EST and 8 p.m. CST.


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